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Article: 4 Fall 2023 Trends for Men's Fashion

edo fall 2023 menswear trends
2023 trends

4 Fall 2023 Trends for Men's Fashion

The looks for Fall 2023 menswear are shaping up to be a careful blend of flashy and understated. Neutrals like grays, browns, and whites are hitting the runway from top design houses, and the trend is quickly trickling down to department stores. Think Restoration Hardware meets menswear. Luckily, we've got you covered on piecing together your best looks for fall days and winter nights. 


It seems yesterday when neutrals were the rage, but oh my god they’re back again. Beige, cream, birch, sandstone—the warmer the better. And don’t be shy about mixing and matching hues. As long as you’re keeping your palette all warm or all cool (knowing the difference is critical), you’re all good. 

A helpful tip: build either from the bottom layer out, keeping the lighter colors underneath, and the darks on the outer layers. Or you could do it the other way around and start with a warm light gray coat and build inward. Either way, the technique will help to break up similar colors and create a nice contrast. 

Check out our neutrals from our Fall 2023 Collection: 

EDO Neutrals Fall 2023



The surest way to create pop is with metallics, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be jewelry. If you aren’t a watch and chain kind of dude, choose a t-shirt with metallic screen-printed design, reflective sunglasses, or a leather bag with gold accents. The key here is to choose one or two pieces. Add too many and you’ll look like a gaudy Christmas tree. 




Snapbacks, buckets, and beanies are obvious go-tos for any guy, but because trenchcoats are popular on runways this season, you can play up the incognito look with a low ball cap to boost the mystique. Just don’t wear it backwards. You’re going for sexy and mysterious, not playful and fun. 

edo hats


Pattern Sneakers 

Patterns are often more of a summer trend than fall/winter, but this year opt for a busier sneaker design to offset the neutral solids of your outfit. Stripes, plaids, and other intricate patterns can capture attention on the street or in the office. 

We recommend the EDO Neutral Plaid High Tops:

edo plaid high tops


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